Business intelligence analytics using sentiment analysis-a survey

Prakash P. Rokade, Aruna Kumari D


Sentiment analysis (SA) is the study and analysis of sentiments, appraisals and impressions by people about entities, person, happening, topics and services. SA uses text analysis techniques and natural language processing methods to locate and extract information from big data. As most of the people are networked themselves through social websites, they use to express their sentiments through these websites.These sentiments are proved fruitful to an individual, business, government for making decisions. The impressions posted on different available sources are being used by organization to know the market mood about the services they are providing. Analyzing huge moods expressed with different features, style have raised challenge for users. This paper focuses on understanding the fundamentals of sentiment analysis, the techniques used for sentiment extraction and analysis. These techniques are then compared for accuracy, advantages and limitations. Based on the accuracy for expexted approach, we may use the suitable technique.


feature extraction, machine learning, sentiment analysis

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