Migration of Virtual Machine to improve the Security of Cloud Computing

N. Chandrakala, B. Thirumala Rao


Cloud services help individuals and organization to use data that are managed by third parties or another person at remote locations. With the increase in the development of cloud computing environment, the security has become the major concern that has been raised more consistently in order to move data and applications to the cloud as individuals do not trust the third party cloud computing providers with their private and most sensitive data and information. This paper presents, the migration of virtual machine to improve the security in cloud computing. Virtual machine (VM) is an emulation of a particular computer system. In cloud computing, virtual machine migration is a useful tool for migrating operating system instances across multiple physical machines. It is used to load balancing, fault management, low-level system maintenance and reduce energy consumption. Virtual machine (VM) migration is a powerful management technique that gives data center operators the ability to adapt the placement of VMs in order to better satisfy performance objectives, improve resource utilization and communication locality, achieve fault tolerance, reduce energy consumption, and facilitate system maintenance activities. In the migration based security approach, proposed the placement of VMs can make enormous difference in terms of security levels. On the bases of survivability analysis of VMs and Discrete Time Markov Chain (DTMC) analysis, we design an algorithm that generates a secure placement arrangement that the guest VMs can moves before succeeds the attack.


cloud computing; cloud security; DTMC; migration of VM; Survivability

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v8i1.pp210-219

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