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Vol 8, No 6: December 2018 (Part I) Accelerating Compression Time of the standard JPEG by Employing The Quantized YCbCr Color Space Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Trini Saptariani, Sarifudin Madenda, Ernastuti Ernastuti, Widya Silfianti
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 (Part I) Acceptance of E-learning among university students in UAE: A practical study Abstract   PDF
Ahmad Qasim Mohammad AlHamad
Vol 8, No 3: June 2018 Accuracy Analysis of Latin-to-Balinese Script Transliteration Method Abstract   PDF
I N. Jampel, Gede Indrawan, I W. Widiana
Vol 6, No 4: August 2016 Accurate Iris Localization Using Edge Map Generation and Adaptive Circular Hough Transform for Less Constrained Iris Images Abstract   PDF
Vineet Kumar, Abhijit Asati, Anu Gupta
Vol 10, No 3: June 2020 (PART I) Accurate leakage current models for MOSFET nanoscale devices Abstract   PDF
Abdoul Rjoub, Mamoun Mistarihi, Nedal Al Taradeh
Vol 7, No 5: October 2017 Accurate Symbolic Steady State Modeling of Buck Converter Abstract   PDF
Eko Setiawan, Takuya Hirata, Ichijo Hodaka
Vol 4, No 2: April 2014 Achieving Pull-in Avoiding Cycle Slip Using Second-order PLLs Abstract   PDF
Abu Sayeed Ahsanul Huque
Vol 1, No 1: September 2011 ACPTDF for Multi-transactions and ATC Determination in Deregulated Markets Abstract   PDF
Ashwani Kumar Sharma, Jitendra Kumar
Vol 3, No 1: February 2013 AC-RDVT: Acyclic Resource Distance Vector Routing Tables for Dynamic Grid Resource Discovery Abstract   PDF
Nafiseh Bahrami, Ahmad Habibizad Navin, Mina Alavighi, Ali Asghar Pourhaji Kazem
Vol 9, No 6: December 2019 (Part I) Active and reactive power flow management in parallel transmission lines using static series compensation (SSC) with energy storage Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Yahya Suliman
Vol 10, No 3: June 2020 (PART I) Active and reactive power sharing in micro grid using droop control Abstract   PDF
Omar Feddaoui, Riad Toufouti, Labed Djamel, Salima Meziane
Vol 7, No 4: August 2017 Active Distribution Grid Power Flow Analysis using Asymmetrical Hybrid Technique Abstract   PDF
Paramet Wirasanti, Egon Ortjohann
Vol 6, No 4: August 2016 Active LC Clamp dv/dt Filter for Voltage Reflection due to Long Cable in Induction Motor Drives Abstract   PDF
Mini R, Manjiri Joshi, B. Hariram Satheesh, Dinesh M.N.
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 (Part I) Active power ouptut optimization for wind farms and thermal units by minimizing the operating cost and emissions Abstract   PDF
Nazha Cherkaoui, Abdelaziz Belfqih, Faissal El Mariami, Jamal Boukherouaa, Abdelmajid Berdai
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 (Part I) Adapted Branch-and-Bound Algorithm Using SVM With Model Selection Abstract   PDF
Mohamed Mustapha Kabbaj, El Afia Abdellatif
Vol 6, No 5: October 2016 Adaptive Adjustment of PSO Coefficients Taking the Notion from the Bee Behavior in Collecting Nectar Abstract   PDF
Abbas Fadavi, Karim Faez, Zeinab Famili
Vol 7, No 6: December 2017 Adaptive Antenna Selection and Power Allocation in Downlink Massive MIMO Systems Abstract   PDF
Adeeb Salh, Lukman Audah, Nor Shahida M Shah, Shipun A Hamzah
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 (Part II) Adaptive CSLBP compressed image hashing Abstract   PDF
Varsha Patil, Tanuja Sarode
Vol 8, No 1: February 2018 Adaptive Fuzzy PI Current Control of Grid Interact PV Inverter Abstract   PDF
R.S. Ravi Sankar, S.V. Jayaram Kumar, G. Mohan Rao
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 (Part I) Adaptive management of technical condition of power transformers Abstract   PDF
Vladimir M. Levin, Ammar A. Yahya
Vol 8, No 5: October 2018 (Part I) Adaptive Multi-state Millimeter Wave Cell Selection Scheme for 5G communication Abstract   PDF
Mothana L Attiah, Azmi Awang Md Isa, Zahriladha Zakaria, Nor Fadzilah Abdullah, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin
Vol 8, No 5: October 2018 (Part II) Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Control Approach for a Single Inverted Pendulum System Abstract   PDF
Mohammed A. A. Al-Mekhlafi, Herman Wahid, Azian Abd Aziz
Vol 2, No 1: February 2012 Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inference System Based Control of puma 600 Robot Manipulator Abstract   PDF
Ouamri Bachir, Ahmed-Foitih Zoubir
Vol 6, No 6: December 2016 Adaptive Online Module Prototype for Learning Unified Modelling Language (UML) Abstract   PDF
Arief Hidayat, Victor Gayuh Utomo
Vol 4, No 6: December 2014 Adaptive PID Type Iterative Learning Control Abstract   PDF
Sara Zamiri, Ali Madadi, Hamid-Reza Reza-Alikhani
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 (Part II) Adaptive power link adaptation on DVB-T system based on picture quality feedback Abstract   PDF
Tubagus Maulana Kusuma, Randy Rahmanto, Emy Haryatmi
Vol 7, No 6: December 2017 Adaptive Projective Lag Synchronization of T and Lu Chaotic Systems Abstract   PDF
Hamed Tirandaz, Mohsen Ahmadnia, Hamid Reza Tavakoli
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 (Part I) Adaptive quantization for spectrum exchange information in mobile cognitive radio networks Abstract   PDF
Arief Marwanto, Sharifah Kamilah Syed Yusof, Muhammad Haikal Satria
Vol 3, No 3: June 2013 Adaptive Relaying of Radial Distribution System with Distributed Generation Abstract   PDF
Murali Matcha, Sharath Kumar Papani, Vijetha Killamsetti
Vol 9, No 3: June 2019 Adaptive resources assignment in OFDM-based cognitive radio systems Abstract   PDF
Shirin Razmi, Naser Parhizgar
Vol 6, No 5: October 2016 Adaptive Speech Compression Based on Discrete Wave Atoms Transform Abstract   PDF
Bousselmi Souha, Aloui Nouredine, Cherif Adnane
Vol 10, No 5: October 2020 (Part II) Adaptive wavelet thresholding with robust hybrid features for text-independent speaker identification system Abstract   PDF
Hesham A. Alabbasi, Ali M. Jalil, Fadhil S. Hasan
Vol 8, No 6: December 2018 (Part I) Adding Psychological Factor in the Model of Electricity Consumption in Office Building Abstract   PDF
Meredita Susanty
Vol 4, No 5: October 2014 Adjusting ICT Capacity Planning by Minimizing Cyber Crime Effects in Urban Area: A System Dynamics Approach Abstract   PDF
Feldiansyah Bin Bakri Nasution, Nor Erne Nazira Bazin
Vol 3, No 4: August 2013 Adjusting WiMAX for a Dedicated Surveillance Network Abstract   PDF
Suherman Suherman, Marwan Al-Akaidi
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 (Part II) Advanced energy management system with the incorporation of novel security features Abstract   PDF
Raheel Muzzammel, Rabia Arshad, Saba Mehmood, Danista Khan
Vol 10, No 3: June 2020 (PART I) Advanced location-based IPv6 address for the node of wireless sensor network Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Nazar Hussein, Raed Abdulla, Thomas O’ Daniel, Maythem Abbas
Vol 9, No 2: April 2019 Advanced player tracking system Abstract   PDF
Ales Skerbinek, Bostjan Vlaovic
Vol 8, No 6: December 2018 (Part II) Advanced SOM & K Mean Method for Load Curve Clustering Abstract   PDF
Phan Thi Thanh Binh, Trong Nghia Le, Nui Pham Xuan
Vol 10, No 2: April 2020 (PART II) Advancement in infotainment system in automotive sector with vehicular cloud network and current state of art Abstract   PDF
Reshma S., Chetanaprakash Chetanaprakash
Vol 6, No 2: April 2016 Advancement in Research Techniques on Medical Imaging Processing for Breast Cancer Detection Abstract   PDF
Sushma S J, S C Prasanna Kumar
Vol 8, No 5: October 2018 (Part I) Advances on Microwave Ceramic Filters for Wireless Communications (Review Paper) Abstract   PDF
Stelios Tsitsos
Vol 5, No 4: August 2015 Affiliation Oriented Journals: Don’t Worry About Peer Review If You Have Good Affiliation Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Dadkhah, Adel M. Alharbi, Mohammad Hamad Al-khresheh, Tole Sutikno, Tomasz Maliszewski, Mohammad Davarpanah Jazi, Shahaboddin Shamshirband
Vol 8, No 4: August 2018 Age Invariant Face Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Mrudula Nimbarte, Kishor Bhoyar
Vol 7, No 6: December 2017 Agricultural Management through Wireless Sensors and Internet of Things Abstract   PDF
Sridevi Navulur, A. S. C. S. Sastry, M. N. Giri Prasad
Vol 5, No 4: August 2015 Al Microheater and Ni Temperature Sensor Set based-on Photolithography with Closed-Loop Control Abstract   PDF
Pittaya Deekla, Rungrueang Phatthanakun, Sarawut Sujitjorn, Nimit Chomnawang
Vol 3, No 4: August 2013 Alert Correlation through a Multi Components Architecture Abstract   PDF
Saeid Dadkhah, M. R. KhaliliShoja, Hassan Taheri
Vol 8, No 2: April 2018 Algorithm for Fault Location and Classification on Parallel Transmission Line using Wavelet based on Clarke’s Transformation Abstract   PDF
Makmur Saini, A. A. Mohd Zin, M. W. Mustafa, A. R. Sultan, Rusdi Nur
Vol 10, No 5: October 2020 (Part I) Algorithm of detection, classification and gripping of occluded objects by CNN techniques and Haar classifiers Abstract   PDF
Paula Useche, Robinson Jimenez-Moreno, Javier Martinez Baquero
Vol 10, No 1: February 2020 (PART I) Alienor method applied to induction machine parameters identification Abstract   PDF
Latifa Khemici, M’hamed Bounekhla, Elghalia Boudissa
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