Solving the order batching and sequencing problem with multiple pickers: A grouped genetic algorithm

Jose Alejandro Cano, Pablo Cortés, Emiro Antonio Campo, Alexander Alberto Correa-Espinal


This paper introduces a grouped genetic algorithm (GGA) to solve the order batching and sequencing problem with multiple pickers (OBSPMP) with the objective of minimizing total completion time. To the best of our knowledge, for the first time, an OBSPMP is solved by means of GGA considering picking devices with heterogeneous load capacity. For this, an encoding scheme is proposed to represent in a chromosome the orders assigned to batches, and batches assigned to picking devices. Likewise, the operators of the proposed algorithm are adapted to the specific requirements of the OBSPMP. Computational experiments show that the GGA performs much better than six order batching and sequencing heuristics, leading to function objective savings of 18.3% on average. As a conclusion, the proposed algorithm provides feasible solutions for the operations planning in warehouses and distribution centers, improving margins by reducing operating time for order pickers, and improving customer service by reducing picking service times.


grouped genetic algorithms; heterogeneous load capacity; multiple pickers; order batching; sequencing;

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