Prediction Model of Algal Blooms using Logistic Regression and Confusion Matrix

Hongwon Yun


Algal blooms data are collected and refined as experimental data for algal blooms prediction. Refined algal blooms dataset is analyzed by logistic regression analysis, and statistical tests and regularization are performed to find the marine environmental factors affecting algal blooms. The predicted value of algal bloom is obtained through logistic regression analysis using marine environment factors affecting algal blooms. The actual values and the predicted values of algal blooms dataset are applied to the confusion matrix. By improving the decision boundary of the existing logistic regression, and accuracy, sensitivity and precision for algal blooms prediction are improved. In this paper, the algal blooms prediction model is established by the ensemble method using logistic regression and confusion matrix. Algal blooms prediction is improved, and this is verified through big data analysis.


Prediction model; Algal blooms; Logistic regression; Confusion matrix; Ensemble method

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