An internet of things based smart waste system

Ali M. Jasim, H. H. Qasim, Ethar Habeeb Jasem, Raed Hasan Saihood


The importance of preserving the environment from waste and its pollution lies in many matters such as preserving people health, enhancing the aesthetic character of cites, attracting tourists, and protecting society from environmental disasters. The environmental wastes are the main dilemmas in our daily life and in the world at large. With the existence of modern technology, development and the field of the internet, many solutions have been undertaken to get rid these dilemmas. In this paper, a smart waste system based on internet of things (IoT) technique has been proposed using ESP-32 Wi-Fi microcontroller. This system can be adopted to avoid the accumulation of waste in the streets that distort the face of civilization, also to reduce the burden of workers and limit the workforce. The system is based on a multiple sensors in the garbage baskets, as they measure the waste level by using ultrasonic sensor, the moisture percent and temperature degree using DHT-22 sensor. The sensors data are processed by ESP32 microcontroller and displayed to both LCD screen using I2C protocol and mobile application using IoT cloud. System baskets automatically open their covers when the person approaches with a distance less or equal to 30 cm to throw garbage. Any approval waste basket is automatically discharged through an underground dump system using conveyor belt if the basket is full by 80% garbage and/or the basket moisture reaches to 40%.


conveyor belt; garbage system; internet of things; servo motor; ultrasonic sensor; Wi-Fi microcontroller;

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