Particle swarm optimization-based stator resistance observer for speed sensorless induction motor drive

Sang Dang Ho, Petr Palacky, Martin Kuchar, Pavel Brandstetter, Cuong Dinh Tran


This paper presents a different technique for the online stator resistance estimation using a particle swarm optimization (PSO) based algorithm for rotor flux oriented control schemes of induction motor drives without a rotor speed sensor. First, a conventional proportional-integral controller-based stator resistance estimation technique is used for a speed sensorless control scheme with two different model reference adaptive system (MRAS) concepts. Finally, a novel method for the stator resistance estimation based on the PSO algorithm is presented for the two MRAS-type observers. Simulation results in the Matlab/Simulink environment show good adaptability of the proposed estimation model while the stator resistance is varied to 200% of the nominal value. The results also confirm more accurate stator resistance and rotor speed estimation in comparison with the conventional technique.


Induction motor; particle swarm optimization; rotor flux oriented control; sensorless drive; stator resistance estimation;

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