A new li-ion battery charger with charge mode selection based on 0.18um CMOS for phone applications

Fouad FARAH, Mustapha Elalaoui, Abdellali Elboutahiri, Mounir Ouremchi, Karim Elkhadiri, Ahmed Tahiri, Hassan Qjidaa


A new architecture of Li-Ion battery charger with charge mode selection is presented in this work. To ensure high efficiency, good accuracy and complete protection mode, we propose an architecture based on variable current source, temperature detector and power control. To avoid the risk of damage, the Li- Ion batteries charging process must change between three modes of current (Trickle Current (TC), Constant Current (CC), and Constant Voltage (CV)) in order to charge the battery with degrading current. However, the interest of this study is to develop a fast battery charger with high accuracy that is able to switch between charging modes without reducing its power efficiency, and to guarantee a complete protection mode. The proposed charger circuit is designed to control the charging process in three modes using the charging mode selection. The obtained results show that the Li-ion batteries can be successfully charged in a short time without reducing their efficiency. The proposed charger is implemented in 180nm CMOS technology with a maximum charging current equal to 1A and a maximum battery voltage equal to 4.22 V, (with input range 2.7-4.5 V). The chip area is 1.5 mm2 and the power efficiency is 90.09 %.


charge mode-selection; high efficiency; li-ion battery; temperature detector;

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i3.pp%25p
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