Performance analysis of transformation and Bogdonov chaotic substitution based image cryptosystem

Prajwalasimha S. N., Basavaraj L


In this article, a combined Pseudo Hadamard transformation and modified Bogdonav chaotic generator based image encryption technique is proposed. Pixel position transformation is performed using Pseudo Hadamard transformation and pixel value variation is made using Bogdonav chaotic substitution. Bogdonav chaotic generator produces random sequences and it is observed that very less correlation between the adjacent elements in the sequence. The cipher image obtained from the transformation stage is subjected for substitution using Bogdonav chaotic sequence to break correlation between adjacent pixels. The cipher image is subjected for various security tests under noisy conditions and very high degree of similarity is observed after deciphering process between original and decrypted images.


Chaotic generator, Confidentiality, Encryption, Correlation, Substitution

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