A Hybrid Approach of Fuzzy C-means Clustering and Neural network to make Energy-Efficient heterogeneous Wireless Sensor network

Amit Kumar Kaushik


The Wireless sensor network has been highly focused research area in recent times due to its wide applications and adaptability to different environments. The energy-constrained sensor nodes are always under consideration to increase their lifetime. In this paper we have used the advantages of two approaches i.e. fuzzy c-means clustering and neural network to make an energy efficient network by prolonging the lifetime of network. The cluster formation is done using FCM to form equally sized clusters in network and the decision of choosing cluster head is done using neural network having input distance from basestation, heterogeneity and energy of the node. Our Approach has successfully increased the lifetime and data capacity of the network and outperformed different approaches applied to the network present in literature.


fuzzy logic;wireless sensor network;neural networks

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v6i2.pp674-681
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