A hybrid bacterial foraging and modified particle swarm optimization for model order reduction

Hadeel N. Abdullah


This paper study the model reduction procedures used for the reduction of large-scale dynamic models into a smaller one through some sort of differential and algebraic equations. A confirmed relevance between these two models exists, and it shows same characteristics under study. These reduction procedures are generally utilized for mitigating computational complexity, facilitating system analysis, and thence reducing time and costs. This paper comes out with a study showing the impact of the consolidation between the Bacterial-Foraging (BF) and Modified particle swarm optimization (MPSO) for the reduced order model (ROM). The proposed hybrid algorithm (BF-MPSO) is comprehensively compared with the BF and MPSO algorithms; a comparison is also made with selected existing techniques.


model order reduction; PSO; BF;ISE; BF-MPSO;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v9i2.pp1100-1109
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