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Vol 10, No 1: February 2020 (PART II) A test architecture design for SoCs using ATAM method Abstract   PDF
D. R. V. A. Sharath Kumar, Ch. Srinivas Kumar, Ragamayi S., P. Sampath Kumar, K. Saikumar, Sk. Hasane Ahammad
Vol 6, No 3: June 2016 A Thorough Insight to Techniques for Performance Evaluation in Biological Sensors Abstract   PDF
Subhas Meti, V G Sangam
Vol 7, No 1: February 2017 A Three-Point Directional Search Block Matching Algorithm Abstract   PDF
A.V. Paramkusam, D. Laxma Reddy
Vol 10, No 1: February 2020 (PART I) A time efficient and accurate retrieval of range aggregate queries using fuzzy clustering means (FCM) approach Abstract   PDF
A. Murugan, D. Gobinath, S. Ganesh Kumar, B. Muruganantham, Sarubala Velusamy
Vol 10, No 1: February 2020 (PART II) A trade-off design of microstrip broadband power amplifier for UHF applications Abstract   PDF
Mohamed Ribate, Rachid Mandry, Jamal Zbitou, Larbi El Abdellaoui, Ahmed Errkik, Mohamed Latrach, Ahmed Lakhssassi
Vol 9, No 1: February 2019 A transient current based micro-grid connected power system protection scheme using wavelet approach Abstract   PDF
S. Chandra Shekar, G.Ravi Kumar, S.V.N.L Lalitha
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 (Part I) A transition from manual to Intelligent Automated power system operation -A Indicative Review Abstract   PDF
Yamanappa N. Doddamani, U. C. Kapale
Vol 8, No 5: October 2018 (Part I) A Triple Band Bow Tie Array Antenna Using Both-sided MIC Technology Abstract   PDF
Akimun Jannat Alvina, Samia Sabrin, Mohammad Istiaque Reja, Jobaida Akhtar
Vol 7, No 2: April 2017 A Tunable Ferrofluid-based Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Microchannel Inductor for Ultra High Frequency Applications Abstract   PDF
Ahmad Hafiz Mohamad Razy, Mohd Tafir Mustaffa, Asrulnizam Abd Manaf, Norlaili Mohd Noh
Vol 8, No 6: December 2018 (Part II) A Two Channel Analog Front end Design AFE Design with Continuous Time Σ-Δ Modulator for ECG Signal Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Abdul Raheem, K Manjunathachari
Vol 8, No 6: December 2018 (Part II) A UML Profile for Security and Code Generation Abstract   PDF
Abdellatif Lasbahani, Mostafa Chhiba, Abdelmoumen Tabyaoui
Vol 8, No 1: February 2018 A Unified Approach for Performance Degradation Analysis from Transistor to Gate Level Abstract   PDF
Izhar Hussain, Marco Vacca, Fabrizio Riente, Mariagrazia Graziano
Vol 4, No 3: June 2014 A Unified Call-to-Prayer Framework in Muslim World Abstract   PDF
Naeem Al-Oudat, Abdel Ilah Alshbatat
Vol 3, No 4: August 2013 A Unified Codec Scheme for reduction of Area and Crosstalk in RC and RLC Modeled Interconnects using both Bus Encoding and Shielding Insertion Technique Abstract   PDF
Dhriti Duggal, Gurmohan Singh, Manjit Kaur
Vol 7, No 3: June 2017 A Unified Quality Control Model for E-Learning Systems Abstract   PDF
Khalid Hamed Allehaibi, Nasser Nammas Albaqami
Vol 7, No 6: December 2017 A Unique Test Bench for Various System-on-a-Chip Abstract   PDF
Sridevi Chitti, P. Chandrasekhar, M. Asharani
Vol 5, No 1: February 2015 A Universal Formula for Asymptotic Stabilization with Bounded Controls Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Nizam Kamarudin, Abdul Rashid Husain, Mohamad Noh Ahmad, Zaharuddin Mohamed
Vol 5, No 5: October 2015 A User- Based Recommendation with a Scalable Machine Learning Tool Abstract   PDF
Ch. Veena, B. Vijaya Babu
Vol 7, No 1: February 2017 A Utilisation of Improved Gabor Transform for Harmonic Signals Detection and Classification Analysis Abstract   PDF
M.H. Jopri, A.R. Abdullah, T. Sutikno, M. Manap, M.R. Yusoff
Vol 7, No 1: February 2017 A Vertical Handover Algorithm in Integrated Macrocell Femtocell Networks Abstract   PDF
Suman Deswal, Anita Singhrova
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 (Part I) A VNF modeling approach for verification purposes Abstract   PDF
Guido Marchetto, Riccardo Sisto, Matteo Virgilio, Jaloliddin Yusupov
Vol 9, No 5: October 2019 (Part II) A voltage electrical distance application for power system load shedding considering the primary and secondary generator controls Abstract   PDF
Le Trong Nghia, Quyen Huy Anh, Phan Thi Thanh Binh, N Thai An, P. H. Hau
Vol 9, No 5: October 2019 (Part II) A water-activated battery based on activated carbon Abstract   PDF
Dang Trang Nguyen, Kozo Taguchi
Vol 6, No 4: August 2016 A Zone Based Approach for Classification and Recognition Of Telugu Handwritten Characters Abstract   PDF
N. Shobha Rani, Sanjay Kumar Verma, Anitta Joseph
Vol 10, No 2: April 2020 (PART I) Abnormal gait detection by means of LSTM Abstract   PDF
Cesar G. Pachon-Suescun, Javier O. Pinzon-Arenas, Robinson Jimenez-Moreno
Vol 6, No 3: June 2016 AC Interference on Gas Pipeline due to Phase to Ground Faults in Overhead Transmission Line Abstract   PDF
Ali I. El Gayar, Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek
Vol 6, No 3: June 2016 Academic Cloud ERP Quality Assessment Model Abstract   PDF
Kridanto Surendro, Olivia Olivia
Vol 8, No 4: August 2018 Accelerated Mobile Pages from JavaScript as Accelerator Tool for Web Service on E-Commerce in the E-Business Abstract   PDF
Agus Wibowo, Guruh Aryotejo, Mufadhol Mufadhol
Vol 8, No 6: December 2018 (Part I) Accelerating Compression Time of the standard JPEG by Employing The Quantized YCbCr Color Space Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Trini Saptariani, Sarifudin Madenda, Ernastuti Ernastuti, Widya Silfianti
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 (Part I) Acceptance of E-learning among university students in UAE: A practical study Abstract   PDF
Ahmad Qasim Mohammad AlHamad
Vol 8, No 3: June 2018 Accuracy Analysis of Latin-to-Balinese Script Transliteration Method Abstract   PDF
I N. Jampel, Gede Indrawan, I W. Widiana
Vol 6, No 4: August 2016 Accurate Iris Localization Using Edge Map Generation and Adaptive Circular Hough Transform for Less Constrained Iris Images Abstract   PDF
Vineet Kumar, Abhijit Asati, Anu Gupta
Vol 10, No 3: June 2020 (PART I) Accurate leakage current models for MOSFET nanoscale devices Abstract   PDF
Abdoul Rjoub, Mamoun Mistarihi, Nedal Al Taradeh
Vol 7, No 5: October 2017 Accurate Symbolic Steady State Modeling of Buck Converter Abstract   PDF
Eko Setiawan, Takuya Hirata, Ichijo Hodaka
Vol 4, No 2: April 2014 Achieving Pull-in Avoiding Cycle Slip Using Second-order PLLs Abstract   PDF
Abu Sayeed Ahsanul Huque
Vol 1, No 1: September 2011 ACPTDF for Multi-transactions and ATC Determination in Deregulated Markets Abstract   PDF
Ashwani Kumar Sharma, Jitendra Kumar
Vol 3, No 1: February 2013 AC-RDVT: Acyclic Resource Distance Vector Routing Tables for Dynamic Grid Resource Discovery Abstract   PDF
Nafiseh Bahrami, Ahmad Habibizad Navin, Mina Alavighi, Ali Asghar Pourhaji Kazem
Vol 9, No 6: December 2019 (Part I) Active and reactive power flow management in parallel transmission lines using static series compensation (SSC) with energy storage Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Yahya Suliman
Vol 10, No 3: June 2020 (PART I) Active and reactive power sharing in micro grid using droop control Abstract   PDF
Omar Feddaoui, Riad Toufouti, Labed Djamel, Salima Meziane
Vol 7, No 4: August 2017 Active Distribution Grid Power Flow Analysis using Asymmetrical Hybrid Technique Abstract   PDF
Paramet Wirasanti, Egon Ortjohann
Vol 6, No 4: August 2016 Active LC Clamp dv/dt Filter for Voltage Reflection due to Long Cable in Induction Motor Drives Abstract   PDF
Mini R, Manjiri Joshi, B. Hariram Satheesh, Dinesh M.N.
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 (Part I) Active power ouptut optimization for wind farms and thermal units by minimizing the operating cost and emissions Abstract   PDF
Nazha Cherkaoui, Abdelaziz Belfqih, Faissal El Mariami, Jamal Boukherouaa, Abdelmajid Berdai
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 (Part I) Adapted Branch-and-Bound Algorithm Using SVM With Model Selection Abstract   PDF
Mohamed Mustapha Kabbaj, El Afia Abdellatif
Vol 6, No 5: October 2016 Adaptive Adjustment of PSO Coefficients Taking the Notion from the Bee Behavior in Collecting Nectar Abstract   PDF
Abbas Fadavi, Karim Faez, Zeinab Famili
Vol 7, No 6: December 2017 Adaptive Antenna Selection and Power Allocation in Downlink Massive MIMO Systems Abstract   PDF
Adeeb Salh, Lukman Audah, Nor Shahida M Shah, Shipun A Hamzah
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 (Part II) Adaptive CSLBP compressed image hashing Abstract   PDF
Varsha Patil, Tanuja Sarode
Vol 8, No 1: February 2018 Adaptive Fuzzy PI Current Control of Grid Interact PV Inverter Abstract   PDF
R.S. Ravi Sankar, S.V. Jayaram Kumar, G. Mohan Rao
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 (Part I) Adaptive management of technical condition of power transformers Abstract   PDF
Vladimir M. Levin, Ammar A. Yahya
Vol 8, No 5: October 2018 (Part I) Adaptive Multi-state Millimeter Wave Cell Selection Scheme for 5G communication Abstract   PDF
Mothana L Attiah, Azmi Awang Md Isa, Zahriladha Zakaria, Nor Fadzilah Abdullah, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin
Vol 8, No 5: October 2018 (Part II) Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Control Approach for a Single Inverted Pendulum System Abstract   PDF
Mohammed A. A. Al-Mekhlafi, Herman Wahid, Azian Abd Aziz
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