Crowd Recognition System Based on Optical Flow Along with SVM classifier

Shreedarshan K, S.Sethu Selvi


The manuscript discusses about abnormalities in a crowded scenario. To prevent the mishap at a public place, there is no much mechanism which could prevent or alert the concerned authority about suspects in a crowd. Usually in a crowded scene, there are chances of some mishap like a terrorist attack or a crime. Our target is finding techniques to identify such activities and to possibly prevent them. If the crowd members exhibit abnormal behavior, we could identify and say that this particular person is a suspect and then the concerned authority would look into the matter. There are various methods to identify the abnormal behavior. The proposed approach is based on optical flow model. It has an ability to detect the sudden changes in motion of an individual among the crowd. First, the main region of motion is extracted by the help of motion heat map. Harris corner detector is used for extracting point of interest of extracted motion area. Based on the point of interest an optical flow is estimated here. After analyzing this optical flow model, a threshold value is fixed. Basically optical flow is an energy level of individual frame. The threshold value is forwarded to SVM classifier, which produces a better result with 99.71% accuracy. This approach is very useful in real time video surveillance system where a machine can monitor unwanted crowd activity. 


Optical flow; Motion heat map; abnormal behaviour;

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