A Comparative Analysis on the Evaluation of Classification Algorithms in the Prediction of Diabetes

Ratna Patil, Sharavari Tamane


Data mining techniques are applied in many applications as a standard procedure for analyzing the large volume of available data, extracting useful information and knowledge to support the major decision-making processes. Diabetes mellitus is a continuing, general, deadly syndrome occurring all around the world. It is characterized by hyperglycemia occurring due to abnormalities in insulin secretion which would in turn result in irregular rise of glucose level. In recent years, the impact of Diabetes mellitus has increased to a great extent especially in developing countries like India. This is mainly due to the irregularities in the food habits and life style. Thus, early diagnosis and classification of this deadly disease has become an active area of research in the last decade. Numerous clustering and classifications techniques are available in the literature to visualize temporal data to identify trends for controlling diabetes mellitus. This work presents an experimental study of several algorithms which classifies Diabetes Mellitus data effectively. The existing algorithms are analyzed thoroughly to identify their advantages and limitations. The performance assessment of the existing algorithms is carried out to determine the best approach.


data mining; diabetes mellitus; classification; machine learning; ROC

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v8i5.pp3966-3975
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