Finding Knowledge from Indonesian Traditional Medicine using Semantic Web Rule Language

Ridowati Gunawan, Khabib Mustofa


One of the natural resources in Indonesia is a lot of plants which can be used in healing diseases. Thosekinds of plants can be used in “Jamu”. Jamu is a name given to traditional medicine in Indonesia. Usually Jamu is composed from several plants as ingredients. Particularly, some parts of the plant like the leaves, roots, or branches have different purpose in Jamu. Nowadays the knowledge about Jamu can be known by building Ontology. Ontology can be built and developed to enrich the content. Knowledge in Ontology is built by several rules using Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL).Knowledge gained from SWRL is easily searchable so that users can double check the results obtained.


jamu, ontology, semantic web rule language,

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