Multi-way Array Decomposition on Acoustic Source Separation for Fault Diagnosis of a Motor-Pump System

Anindita Adikaputri Vinaya, Dhany Arifianto


In this study, we propose a multi-way array decomposition approach to solve the complexity of approximate joint diagonalization process for fault diagnosis of a motor-pump system. Sources used in this study came from  drive end-motor, nondrive end-motor , drive end pump , and nondrive end pump. An approximate joint diagonalization is a common approach to resolving an underdetermined cases in blind source separation. However, it has quite heavy computation and requires more complexity. In this study, we use an acoustic emission to detect faults based on multi-way array decomposition approach. Based on the obtained results, the difference types of machinery fault such as misalignment and outer bearing fault can be detected by vibration spectrum and estimated acoustic spectrum. The performance of proposed method is evaluated using MSE and LSD. Based on the results of the separation, the estimated signal of the nondrive end pump is the closest to the baseline signal compared to other signals with  LSD is 1.914 and MSE is 0.0707. The instantaneous frequency of the estimated source signal will also be compared with the vibration signal in frequency spectrum to test the effectiveness of the proposed method.


acoustic emission, fault diagnosis, motor-pump system, multi-way array,

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