Information Hiding using LSB Technique based on Developed PSO Algorithm

Wisam Abed Shukur, Khalid Kadhim Jabbar


Generally, The sending process of secret information via the transmission channel or any carrier medium is not secured. For this reason, the techniques of information hiding are needed. Therefore, steganography must take place before transmission. To embed a secret message at optimal positions of the cover image under spatial domain, using the developed particle swarm optimization algorithm (Dev.-PSO) to do that purpose in this paper based on Least Significant Bits (LSB) using LSB substitution. The main aim of (Dev. -PSO) algorithm is determining an optimal paths to reach a required goals in the specified search space based on disposal of them, using (Dev.-PSO) algorithm produces the paths of a required goals with most efficient and speed. An agents population is used in determining process of a required goals at search space for solving of problem. The (Dev.-PSO) algorithm is applied to different images; the number of an image which used in the experiments in this paper is three. For all used images, the Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) value is computed. Finally, the PSNR value of the stego-A that obtained from blue sub-band colo is equal (44.87) dB, while the stego-B is equal (44.45) dB, and the PSNR value for the stego-C is (43.97)dB, while the vlue of MSE that obtained from the same color sub-bans is (0.00989), stego-B equal to (0.01869), and stego-C is (0.02041). Furthermore, our proposed method has ability to survive the quality for the stego image befor and after hiding stage or under intended attack that used in the existing paper such as Gaussian noise, and salt & pepper noise.


Cover image; developed PSO algorithm; search space; steganography; stego image

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