Performance Evaluation of Quarter Shift Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Based Multifocus Image Fusion Using Fusion rules

Radha N., T.Ranga Babu


In this paper, multifocus image fusion using quarter shift dual tree complex wavelet transform is proposed. Multifocus image fusion is a technique that combines the partially focused regions of multiple images of the same scene into a fully focused fused image. Directional selectivity and shift invariance properties are essential to produce a high quality fused image. However conventional wavelet based fusion algorithms introduce the ringing artifacts into fused image due to lack of shift invariance and poor directionality. The quarter shift dual tree complex wavelet transform has proven to be an effective multi-resolution transform for image fusion with its directional and shift invariant properties. Experimentation with this transform led to the conclusion that the proposed method not only produce sharp details (focused regions) in fused image due to its good directionality but also removes artifacts with its shift invariance in order to get high quality fused image. Proposed method performance is compared with traditional fusion methods in terms of objective measures. 


Multi Focus Image Fusion; Quarter shift dual tree complex wavelet transform; Multi-resolution transform; Fused image; Objective measures

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