Potential of Implementing the Low Concentration Photovoltaic Systems in the United Kingdom

Siti Hawa Abu-Bakar, Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki, Daria Freier, Roberto Ramirez-Iniguez, Tapas Kumar Mallick, Abu Bakar Munir, Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin, Abdullahi Abubakar Mas’ud, Siti Sarah Abu-Bakar, Nurul Aini Bani, Mohd Nabil Muhtazaruddin


This paper discusses the prospect of integrating a novel type of low concentration photovoltaic (LCPV) design known as the rotationally asymmetrical compound parabolic concentrator (RACPC) in a building in the United Kingdom. This is done by proposing a number of building integration designs to create a zero carbon building. A cost reduction analysis of installing the LCPV systems in the country is also presented. It was found that an RACPC design could reduce the LCPV module’s manufacturing cost by 31.75% and the LCPV module’s cost per unit power output by 33.87% when compared with the conventional PV module.


building integrated photovoltaic system, low concentration, photovoltaic, rotationally asymmetrical compound parabolic concentrator

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v7i3.pp1398-1405
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