An Enhanced Queue Management Scheme for Eradicating Congestion of TFRC over Wired Environment

N. Ramanjaneya Reddy, Chenna Reddy Pakanati, M. Padmavathamma


To accomplish increasing real time requirements, user applications have to send different kinds of data with different speeds over the internet.  To effectuate the aims of the computer networks, several protocols have been added to TCP/IP protocol suite.  Transport layer has to implement emerging techniques to transfer huge amount of data like multimedia streaming. To transmit multimedia applications, one of the suitable congestion control mechanisms in transport layer is TCP Friendly Rate Control Protocol (TFRC).  It controls congestion based on its equation. To get more smoothed throughput, intermediate nodes (like Routers. etc.) have to use suitable procedures in all real time situations. To eradicate the level of congestion in the network, we introduce enhanced Holt-Winters equations to RED queue management algorithm and applied to TFRC. The simulation results have shown that this strategy reduces packet loss and increases throughput.


congestion control queue management, RED, TCP, TFRC

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