Designing of Dynamic Re-clustering Leach Protocol for Calculating Total Residual Time and Performance

Syed Umar, Yerragudipadu Subbarayudu, K. Kiran Kumar, N. Bashwanth


Wireless sensor networks (WSN), a plurality of sensors in an energy limited deliveries. the sensors are arranged randomly for many applications. Thus, the battery Or download a replacement would be practical. Therefore, the energy efficient routing protocol to expand the network. In this article we propose a new cluster based Re-Leach dynamic Protocol Dynamic Reclustering based Leach protocol (DR-Leach), the expansion of the lattice energy consumption and reduce the age. The idea is that the energy cluster leadersĀ  next production cluster to balance In each round, the same number of nodes in the network of life. Make your first calculation It calculates the optimum amount of CHS in each round, and the optimum amount for each cluster. The results showed that the improvement of reliability protocols proposed frame and the total energy consumption than BCDCP Leach and protocols.


alive nodes, cluster head[ch], clustering, LEACH, residual time,

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