An Improved Integrated Hash and Attributed based Encryption Model on High Dimensional Data in Cloud Environment

Satheesh K S V A Kavuri, Gangadhara Rao Kancherla, Basaveswararao Bobba


Cloud computing is a distributed architecture where user can store their private, public or any application software components on it. Many cloud based privacy protection solutions have been implemented, however most of them only focus on limited data resources and storage format. Data confidentiality and inefficient data access methods are the major issues which block the cloud users to store their high dimensional data. With more and more cloud based applications are being available and stored on various cloud servers, a novel multi-user based privacy protection mechanism need to design and develop to improve the privacy protection on high dimensional data. In this paper, a novel integrity algorithm with attribute based encryption model was implemented to ensure confidentiality for high dimensional data security on cloud storage. The main objective of this model is to store, transmit and retrieve the high dimensional cloud data with low computational time and high security. Experimental results show that the proposed model has high data scalability, less computational time and low memory usage compared to traditional cloud based privacy protection models.


cloud security, CP-ABE, hardware based encryption, integrity and hashing, integrity verification.

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