p-Laplace Variational Image Inpainting Model Using Riesz Fractional Differential Filter

Sridevi Gamini, S Srinivas Kumar


In this paper, p-Laplace variational image inpainting model with symmetric Riesz fractional differential filter is proposed. Variational inpainting models are very useful to restore many smaller damaged regions of an image. Integer order variational image inpainting models (especially second and fourth order) work well to complete the unknown regions. However, in the process of inpainting with these models, any of the unindented visual effects such as staircasing, speckle noise, edge blurring, or loss in contrast are introduced. Recently, fractional derivative operators were applied by researchers to restore the damaged regions of the image. Experimentation with these operators for variational image inpainting led to the conclusion that second order symmetric Riesz fractional differential operator not only completes the damaged regions effectively, but also reducing unintended effects. In this article, The filling process of damaged regions is based on the fractional central curvature term. The proposed model is compared with integer order variational models and also GrunwaldLetnikov fractional derivative based variational inpainting in terms of peak signal to noise ratio, structural similarity and mutual information.


fractional calculus, image inpainting, partial differential equations, riesz fractional derivative, variational models.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v7i2.pp850-857
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