Image Processing for Rapidly Eye Detection based on Robust Haar Sliding Window

Fitri Utaminingrum, Renaldi Primaswara Praetya, Yuita Arum Sari


Object Detection using Haar Cascade Clasifier widely applied in several devices and applications as a medium of interaction between human and computer such as a tool control that utilizes the detection of eye movements. Obviously speed and precision in the detection process such as eyes, has an effect if implemented on a device. If the eye could not detect accurately, controlling device systems could reach bad detection as well. The proposed method can be used as an approach to detect the eye region of eye based on haar classifier method by means of modifying the direction of sliding window. In which, it was initially placed in the middle position of image on facial area by assuming the location of eyes area in the central region of the image. While the window region of conventional haar cascade scan the whole of image start from the left top corner. From the experiment by using our proposed method, it can speed up the the computation time and improve accuracy significantly reach to 92,4%.


eyes; detection; haar cascade classifier; sliding window

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