Implementation of Algorithm for Vehicle Anti-Collision Alert System in FPGA

Aiman Zakwan Jidin, Lim Siau Li, Ahmad Fauzan Kadmin


Vehicle safety has becoming one of the important issues nowadays, due to the fact the number of road accidents, which cause injuries, deaths and also damages, keeps on increasing. One of the main factors which contribute to these accidents are human's lack of awareness and also carelessness. This paper presents the development and implementation of an algorithm to be utilized for vehicle anti-collision alert system, which may be useful to reduce the occurrence of accidents. This algorithm, which is to be deployed with the front sensors of the vehicle, is capable of alerting any occurrence of sudden slowing or static vehicles ahead, by sensing the rate of distance change. Furthermore, it also triggers an alert if the driver is breaching the safe distance from the vehicle ahead. This algorithm has been successfully implemented in Altera DE0 FPGA and its functionality was validated via hardware experimental tests.


FPGA; vehicle safety; anti-collision; fast algorithm; range sensor

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