An Improved Detection and Classification Technique of Harmonic Signals in Power Distribution by Utilizing Spectrogram

M.H. Jopri, A.R. Abdullah, M. Manap, M.R. Yusoff, T. Sutikno, M.F. Habban


This paper introduces an improved detection and classification technique of harmonic signals in power distribution using time-frequency distribution (TFD) analysis which is spectrogram.  The spectrogram is an appropriate approach to signify signals in jointly time-frequency domain and known as time frequency representation (TFR). The spectral information of signals can be observed and estimated plainly from TFR due to identify the characteristics of the signals. Based on rule-based classifier and the threshold settings that referred to IEEE Standard 1159 2009, the detection and classification of harmonic signals for 100 unique signals consist of various characteristic of harmonics are carried out successfully. The accuracy of proposed method is examined by using MAPE and the result show that the technique provides high accuracy. In addition, spectrogram also gives 100 percent correct classification of harmonic signals. It is proven that the proposed method is accurate, fast and cost efficient for detecting and classifying harmonic signals in distribution system.


classification technique; detection; harmonic signal; time-frequency distributions; power distribution; spectrogram

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