Minimizing Energy Consumption by Task Consolidation in Cloud Centers with Optimized Resource Utilization

Mahendra Kumar Gourisaria, S. S. Patra, P. M. Khilar


Cloud computing is an emerging field of computation. As the data centers consume large amount of power, it increases the system overheads as well as the carbon dioxide emission increases drastically. The main aim is to maximize the resource utilization by minimizing the power consumption. However, the greatest usages of resources does not mean that there has been a right use of energy.  Various resources which are idle, also consumes a significant amount of energy. So we have to keep minimum resources idle. Current studies have shown that the power consumption due to unused computing resources is nearly 1 to 20%. So, the unused resources have been assigned with some of the tasks to utilize the unused period. In the present paper, it has been suggested that the energy saving with task consolidation which has been saved the energy by minimizing the number of idle resources in a cloud computing environment. It has been achieved far-reaching experiments to quantify the performance of the proposed algorithm. The same has also been compared with the FCFSMaxUtil and Energy aware Task Consolidation (ETC) algorithm. The outcomes have shown that the suggested algorithm surpass the FCFSMaxUtil and ETC algorithm in terms of the CPU utilization and energy consumption.


Virtualization; VMs; Task Consolidation; Energy Consumption; Idle VM; CPU Utilization

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