Evaluation of the Forward-Backward Sweep Load Flow Method using the Contraction Mapping Principle

Diego Issicaba, Jorge Coelho


This paper presents an assessment of the forward-backward sweep load flow method to distribution system analysis. The method is formally assessed using fixed-point concepts and the contraction mapping theorem. The existence and uniqueness of the load flow feasible solution is supported by an alternative argument from those obtained in the literature. Also, the closed-form of the convergence rate of the method is deduced and the convergence dependence of loading is assessed. Finally, boundaries for error values per iteration between iterates and feasible solution are obtained. Theoretical results have been tested in several numerical simulations, some of them presented in this paper, thus fostering discussions about applications and future works.


Power engineering; Power distribution systems; Load flow analysis; Convergence analysis; Radial networks

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v6i6.pp3229-3237

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