Study on Improving the Network Life Time Maximazation for Wireless Sensor Network using Cross Layer Approach

Rajiv R Bhandari, K Rajasekhar


In recent the espousal of Wireless Sensor Networks has been broadly augmented in numerous divisions. Battery operated Sensor nodes in the wireless network accomplish main task of capturing and responding to the surroundings. The lifetime of the network depends on the energy consumption of the sensor nodes. This paper contributes the survey on how the energy consumption should be managed for maximizing the life time of network and how to improve the efficiency of Network by using Cross layer architecture. The traditional MAC Layer, Network Layer & Transport for WLAN having their own downsides just by modifying those we can achieve the network life time maximization goal. This paper represents analytical study for Energy efficiency by modifying Scheduling algorithm, by modifying traditional AODV routing algorithm for efficient packet transmission and by effectively using TCP for End to End Delivery of Data.


Wireless Sensor Network; Media Access Control; Transmission Control Protocol; Point Cordination Function; Adhoc On demand Distance Vector Routing

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