Implementation of Population Algorithms to Minimize Power Losses and Cable Cross-Section in Power Supply System

V. Z. Manusov, P. V. Matrenin, E. S. Tretiakova


The article dues to the arrangement of the reactive power sources in the power grid to reduce the active power losses in transmission lines and minimize cable cross-sections of the lines. The optimal arrangement is considered from two points of view. In the first case, it is possible to minimize the active power losses only. In the second case, it is possible to change the cross-sections of the supply lines to minimize both the active power losses and the volume of the cable lines. The sum of the financial cost of the active power losses, the capital investment to install the deep reactive power compensation, and cost of the cable volume is introduced as the single optimization criterion. To reduce the losses, the deep compensation of reactive power sources in nodes of the grid are proposed. This optimization problem was solved by the Genetic algorithm and the Particle Swarm optimization algorithm. It was found out that the deep compensation allows minimizing active power losses the cable cross-section. The cost-effectiveness of the suggested method is shown. It was found out that optimal allocation of the reactive power sources allows increasing from 9% to 20% the financial expenses for the enterprise considered.


Power-supply systems; active power losses; deep compensation; population-based optimization

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