A Modified ABC Algorithm for Solving Non-Convex Dynamic Economic Dispatch Problems

Hardiansyah Hardiansyah


In this paper, a modified artificial bee colony (MABC) algorithm is presented to solve non-convex dynamic economic dispatch (DED) problems considering valve-point effects, the ramp rate limits and transmission losses. Artificial bee colony algorithm is a recent population-based optimization method which has been successfully used in many complex problems. A new mutation strategy inspired from the differential evolution (DE) is introduced in order to improve the exploitation process. The feasibility of the proposed method is validated on 5 and 10 units test system for a 24 h time interval. The results are compared with the results reported in the literature. It is shown that the optimum results can be obtained more economically and quickly using the proposed method in comparison with the earlier methods.


dynamic economic dispatch; modified artificial bee colony algorithm; ramp rate limits; valve-point effects

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v6i6.pp2621-2628
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