A signature-based data security and authentication framework for internet of things applications

Nasreen Fathima, Reshma Banu, Guttur Fakruddin Ali Ahammed


Internet of things (IoT) is the next big revolution in modernized network technologies connecting a massive number of heterogeneous smart appliances and physical objects. Owing to these technologies' novelty, various issues are characterized by security concerns are the most prioritized issue. A review of existing security approaches highlights that they are very particular about the solution towards a specific attack and cannot resist any unknown attacker. Therefore, this manuscript presents a novel computational model that introduces a unique authentication process using a simplified encryption strategy. The simulated study outcome shows that the proposed system offers efficient security and efficient data transmission performance in the presence of an unknown adversary. Hence, the study outcome exhibits better effects than frequently used security solutions when implemented in a vulnerable IoT environment.


authentication; digital signature; encryption; hashing; internet of things; public key;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v12i3.pp3298-3308

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