Bandwidth density optimization of misaligned optical interconnects

Hasan Aldiabat, Nedal Al-ababneh


In this paper, the bandwidth density of misaligned free space optical interconnects (FSOIs) system with and without coding under a fixed bit error rate is considered. In particular, we study the effect of using error correction codes of various codeword lengths on the bandwidth density and misalignment tolerance of the FSOIs system in the presence of higher order modes. Moreover, the paper demonstrates the use of the fill factor of the detector array as a design parameter to optimize the bandwidth density of the communication. The numerical results demonstrate that the bandwidth density improves significantly with coding and the improvement is highly dependent on the used codeword length and code rate. In addition, the results clearly show the optimum fill factor values that achieve the maximum bandwidth density and misalignment tolerance of the system.


bandwidth density; error correction codes; optical crosstalk noise; optical interconnects; wireless communications;

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