A novel fault location approach for radial power distribution systems

Tarek Hamdouche, Omar Bendjeghaba, Brakta Noureddine, Ahriche Aimad


Power distribution systems (PDS) are increasingly complex and spread over long distances and in different locations. Given their radial configuration, the loads could be inserted at the same distances from the substation. This leads to multiple estimation of fault location (FL) and yields time consuming for iterative FL algorithms. In this article, we provide a novel practical approach to fault localization in order to defeat these limitations. The central idea of the proposed approach is to divide the multilateral distribution system into a possible number of mono-lateral sub systems (MLS) using a proposed communicating sensor. Next, we apply two different fault locator algorithms only to the defective MLS. The first variant of the approach is based on the impedance method, while the second variant is non-parametric used only when there is lack in the line data. To test the proposed technique in practice, we used the IEEE 13 Node test feeder, and a real Algerian PDS. The results obtained clearly show the contribution of the dedicated method for locating faults in the PDS.


fault location; power quality; power systems analysis; power systems protection;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v12i3.pp2242-2255

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