Hybrid controller design using gain scheduling approach for compressor systems

Divya Muddenahalli Narasimhaiah, Chikkajala Krishnappa Narayanappa, Gangadharaiah Soralamavu Lakshmaiah


The automatic control system plays a crucial role in industries for controlling the process operations. The automatic control system provides a safe and proper controlling mechanism to avoid environmental and quality problems. The control system controls pressure flow, mass flow, speed control, and other process metrics and solves robustness and stability issues. In this manuscript, The Hybrid controller approach like proportional integral (PI) and proportional derivative (PD) based fuzzy logic controller (FLC) using with and without gain scheduling approach is modeled for the compressor to improve the robustness and error response control mechanism. The PI/PD-based FLC system includes step input function, the PI/PD controller, FLC with a closed-loop mechanism, and gain scheduler. The error signals and control response outputs are analyzed in detail for PI/PD-based FLC’s and compared with conventional PD/PID controllers. The PD-based FLC with the Gain scheduling approach consumes less overshoot time of 74% than the PD-based FLC without gain scheduling approach. The PD-based FLC with the gain scheduling approach produces less error response in terms of 7.9% in integral time absolute error (ITAE), 7.4% in integral absolute error (IAE), and 16% in integral square error (ISE) than PD based FLC without gain scheduling approach.


compressor; fuzzy logic controller; gain scheduling; output response; plant; proportional integral derivative;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v12i3.pp3051-3060

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