Establishing a cyclic schedule for nurse in the health unit

Isra Natheer Alkallak, Ruqaya Zedan Shaban


This research presents the interleaving two approaches. These are intelligence's ideas as well as heuristic ‎technique as 8-puzzle and sudoku grid to solve the nurse rostering. The research proposed algorithm ‎to assign shifts cyclically. It is considered by three shifts in one day to 9 nurses, each nurse has 8 days work with ‎a holiday in the cyclically scheduling. The task appeared the allocation of nursing staff in health unit management ‎theoretically. There are three shifts which cover 24 hours. The shifts are early, late, and night. This algorithm ‎simulated the shifts through the directions of blank’s move in 8-puzzle with the methodology of sudoku grid with ‎hard constraints should be met at all times. In our solution do on two goals first, we create a ‎schedule that meets all the tough constraints and guarantees fairness. The second objective is to try to verify as many ‎of the soft constraints as possible, by shifting and rotating while maintaining the soft constraints. The approach ‎was implemented as a simulation, and a satisfactory result was demonstrated. experimental effects are extremely ‎convenient and versatile to find appropriate nursing rostering schedule, rather than using manual techniques. The code developed to simulate it in MATLAB.‎


8-puzzle; heuristic; nursing rostering; sudoku grid;

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