Extraction of image resampling using correlation aware convolution neural networks for image tampering detection

Manjunatha Shivanandappa, Malini M. Patil


Detecting hybrid tampering attacks in an image is extremely difficult; especially when copy-clone tampered segments exhibit identical illumination and contrast level about genuine objects. The existing method fails to detect tampering when the image undergoes hybrid transformation such as scaling, rotation, compression, and also fails to detect under small-smooth tampering. The existing resampling feature extraction using the Deep learning techniques fails to obtain a good correlation among neighboring pixels in both horizontal and vertical directions. This work presents correlation aware convolution neural network (CA-CNN) for extracting resampling features for detecting hybrid tampering attacks. Here the image is resized for detecting tampering under a small-smooth region. The CA-CNN is composed of a three-layer horizontal, vertical, and correlated layer. The correlated layer is used for obtaining correlated resampling feature among horizontal sequence and vertical sequence. Then feature is aggregated and the descriptor is built. An experiment is conducted to evaluate the performance of the CA-CNN model over existing tampering detection methodologies considering the various datasets. From the result achieved it can be seen the CA-CNN is efficient considering various distortions and post-processing attacks such joint photographic expert group (JPEG) compression, and scaling. This model achieves much better accuracies, recall, precision, false positive rate (FPR), and F-measure compared existing methodologies.


compression; convolution neural network; deep learning; image tampering detection; image transformation; resampling feature extraction;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v12i3.pp3033-3043

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