Adaptive photovoltaic solar module based on internet of things and web-based monitoring system

Murizah Kassim, Fadila Lazim


This paper presents a prototype development of an intelligent portable size single axis automatic adaptive photovoltaic solar module based on Internet of Things and web-based monitoring system. A static oriented solar panel is widely used in the market but always have an issue of efficiency especially due to shading effects. Issues on the irradiance of sunlight absorbed by the solar panel is highly reduced, resulting in less power generates by the solar photovoltaic module. This paper aims to establish design requirements with required key features on an effective algorithm tracking system and designed a prototype automatic adaptive solar PV module connected through IoT, wireless connection to a webpage and information transferred via android device. The system has validated the ability of the designated on solving efficiency optimization. The methodology involved in a tracking system by using active method orientation due to high precision and allows more power and energy to be captured by the solar panel. The active method remains the rotation angle facing aligned to the LDR voltage captured and high solar panel voltage measured by using Arduino microcontroller. An IoT concept is designed that presented real-time data collection from the dynamic solar panel, published on Node-Red webpage, and running interactive via android device. The monitoring system designed significantly reduces time by manually data collection. Data captured by the solar panel then analyzed based on irradiance, voltage, current, power generated and efficiency. Successful results present live data logging and graphs on webpage with active tracking system achieved larger power generated and efficiency of solar panel compared to a fixed mounted array. This research is significant that can help the user to monitor parameters collected by the solar panel thus able to increase 51.82% efficiency of the PV module.


adaptive solar photovoltaic; internet of things; monitoring system; real-time; solar tracker; web-based;


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