Simulation for predictive maintenance using weighted training algorithms in machine learning

Chanintorn Jittawiriyanukoon, Vilasinee Srisarkun


In the production, the efficient employment of machines is realized as a source of industry competition and strategic planning. In the manufacturing industries, data silos are harvested, which is needful to be monitored and deployed as an operational tool, which will associate with a right decision-making for minimizing maintenance cost. However, it is complex to prioritize and decide between several results. This article utilizes a synthetic data from a factory, mines the data to filter for an insight and performs machine learning (ML) tool in artificial intelligence (AI) to strategize a decision support and schedule a plan for maintenance. Data includes machinery, category, machinery, usage statistics, acquisition, owner’s unit, location, classification, and downtime. An open-source ML software tool is used to replace the short of maintenance planning and schedule. Upon data mining three promising training algorithms for the insightful data are employed as a result their accuracy figures are obtained. Then the accuracy as weighted factors to forecast the priority in maintenance schedule is proposed. The analysis helps monitor the anticipation of new machines in order to minimize mean time between failures (MTBF), promote the continuous manufacturing and achieve production’s safety.


artificial intelligence; intelligent automation; internet of things; machine learning; mean time between failures; predictive maintenance; training algorithm;

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