Driving cycle tracking device big data storing and management

Arunkumar Subramaniam, Nurru Anida Ibrahim, Siti Norbakyah Jabar, Salisa Abdul Rahman


Driving cycle is commonly known as a series of speed-time profile. Research on this discipline aids vehicle manufacturing industries in vehicle manufacturing, environmentalists to study on environment quality and profile in accordance to vehicle emissions besides traffic engineers to further investigate the behavior of drivers and the conditions of roads in a certain area or cluster. This also assists automotive industries to innovate energy efficient vehicles which reduce vehicle emissions and energy wastages which lead to air pollution in which a major threat for human health according to Goal 3 of united nations (UN) sustainable development goals (SDG). To construct an accurate driving cycle, data based on real-world driving behavior is crucial and as the world is advancing in technology, the usage of internet of things (IoT) plays an important role in innovatietcons. IoT is an idea of computing every day physical object and information into computers, devices and software. These devices work by using sensors that transmit data to a computer or software allowing them to perform important tasks as needed. In this research, an idea of data collecting device, driving cycle tracking device (DC-TRAD) is constructed with implementation of IoT in which the collected data will be saved into my structured query language (MySQL) database instantly for data storing.


cloud storage; driving cycle; hybrid electric vehicles; internet of things; IR4.0 speed-time profile;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v12i2.pp1402-1410

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