Inductanceless high order low frequency filters for medical applications

Noor Thamer Almalah, Faris Hasan Aldabbagh


In this paper, a designed circuit used for low-frequency filters is implemented and realized the filter is based on frequency-dependent negative resistance (FDNR) as an inductor simulator to substitute the traditional inductance, which is heavy and high cost due to the coil material manufacturing and size area. The simulator is based on an active operation amplifier or operation transconductance amplifier (OTA) that is easy to build in an integrated circuit with a minimum number of components. The third and higher-order Butterworth filter is simulated at low frequency for low pass filter to use in medical instruments and low-frequency applications. The designed circuit is compared with the traditional proportional integral controller enhanced (PIE) and T section ordinary filter. The results with magnitude and phase response were compared and an acceptable result is obtained. The filter can be used for general applications such as medical and other low-frequency filters needed.


embeded IC filter; frequency dependent negative resistance; inductancess filter; lowpass filter;

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