Fuzzy super twisting algorithm dual direct torque control of doubly fed induction machine

Boumaraf farid, Boutabba Tarek, Belkacem Sebti


This paper proposes the fundamental aspects of hybrid nonlinear control which is composed of the super twisting algorithm (STA) based second order sliding mode control applying fuzzy logic method (FSOSMC), with pertinent simulation results for a doubly fed induction machine (DFIM) drive. Tominimizechattering effect phenomenon due to Signum function employed in sliding mode algorithm, a new method is proposed. This technique consists in replacing the signum function by fuzzy switching function in the SOSMC to minimize flux and torque ripples. This FSOSMC is associated to the double direct torque control DDTC of the doubly fed induction machine (DFIM) by combining the advantages of fuzzy logic (FL) andthe advantages of super-twisting sliding mode. The FSOSMC-DDTC strategy is compared with a PI-DDTC and SOSMC-DDTC. Simulation results demonstrate good efficiencyandexcellent robustness of the hybrid nonlinear controller.


double direct torque control; fuzzy logic; second-order sliding mode control; super twisting algorithm;

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i5.pp%25p

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