Color image compression based on spatial and magnitude signal decomposition

Bushra A. Sultan, Loay E. George


In this paper, a simple color image compression system has been proposed using image signal decomposition. Where, the RGB image color band is converted to the less correlated YUV color model and the pixel value (magnitude) in each band is decomposed into 2-values; most and least significant. According to the importance of the most significant value (MSV) that influenced by any simply modification happened, an adaptive lossless image compression system is proposed using Bit Plane (BP) slicing, delta pulse code modulation (Delta PCM), adaptive quadtree (QT) partitioning followed by an adaptive shift encoder. On the other hand, a lossy compression system is introduced to handle the least significant value (LSV), it is based on an adaptive, error bounded coding system, and it uses the DCT compression scheme. The performance of the developed compression system was analyzed and compared with those attained from the universal standard JPEG, and the results of applying the proposed system indicated its performance is comparable or better than that of the JPEG standards. 


bit plane ; DCT; delta PCM; image compression; PSNR;


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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
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