Automation conditions of mobile base station shelter via cloud and IoT computing applications

Ahmed Hussein Shatti, Haider Ali Hasson, Laith Ali Abdul-Rahaim


In this paper, a monitoring and controlling process of the mobile base station shelter has been implemented. We have proposed a model that is based on a firebase cloud service and the principle of the internet of things (IoT) to carry out the process of automation. In this model, we have used Raspberry Pi 4 as the main microcontroller of our system that has interacted with a DHT11 Humidity-Temperature sensor and a PIR motion sensor. It's found that the Pi4 module provides efficient analysis, low consumption of power, and effective control of the operation. It turns ON/OFF the electrical appliances automatically inside the shelter. The main advantage of our proposed model is to maintain the temperature and humidity degrees inside the shelter within the required range of operation. Another important advantage is to diminish the tall human exertion level behind the monitoring process throughout the day. The model has been tested through a localhost server via an HTML page. The last one was created with the assistance of HTML and CSS languages to be used as a local user interface. Moreover, the Raspberry Pi 4 was programmed by Python Language to catch up on the reading of the sensors, processes the data, and sends it to the cloud service. Finally, those data will be shown in real-time to the authenticated user on the database of the firebase cloud service.


BTS shelter; cloud computing; firebase cloud; IoT; raspberry Pi 4;


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