Investigation of overvoltage on square, rectangular and L-shaped ground grids of high voltage substations by ATP/EMTP

Krung Luewattana


Ground grid system is important for preventing the hazardous effects of overvoltage in high voltage substations due to fault current perhaps from lightning strike or device malfunction. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the effects of overvoltage on square, rectangular and L-shaped ground grids with ground rods being distributed in mesh-pattern by using alternate transients program/ electromagnetic transients program (ATP/EMTP) program. The models were simulated in the cases that 25 kA-fault current being injected into the center or one of the corners of ground grids. The results showed that the highest level of overvoltage (6.3349 kV) was detected at the corner of rectangular ground grid when the fault current was injected into its corner. However, the lowest level of overvoltage was found when the fault current was injected into the center of square ground grid. The results from this study indicated that ATP/EMTP program was useful for preliminary investigation of overvoltage on ground grids of different shapes. The obtained knowledge could be beneficial for further designing of ground grid systems of high voltage substations to receive the minimal damages due to fault current.


ground grid system; ground potential rise; high voltage substation; overvoltage;


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