Accurate indoor positioning system based on modify nearest point technique

Omar Ibrahim Mustafa, Hawraa Lateef Joey, Noor Abd AlSalam, Ibrahim Zeghaiton Chaloob


Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) is common technology for indoor environments that use to estimate required distances, to be used for indoor localization. Due to multiple source of noise and interference with other signal, the receive signal strength (RSS) measurements unstable. The impression about targets environments should be available to estimate accurate targets location. The Wi-Fi fingerprint technique is widely implemented to build database matching with real data, but the challenges are the way of collect accurate data to be the reference and the impact of different environments on signals measurements. In this paper, optimum system proposed based on modify nearest point (MNP). To implement the proposal, 78 points measured to be the reference points recorded in each environment around the targets. Also, the case study building is separated to 7 areas, where the segmentation of environments leads to ability of dynamic parameters assignments. Moreover, database based on optimum data collected at each time using 63 samples in each point and the average will be final measurements. Then, the nearest point into specific environment has been determined by compared with at least four points. The results show that the errors of indoor localization were less than (0.102 m).


modify nearest point; positioning system; RSS; Wi-Fi; wireless InSite;

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