Selecting the best stochastic systems for large scale engineering problems

Mahmoud H. Alrefaei, Mohammad H. Almomani, Sarah N. Alabed Alhadi


Selecting a subset of the best solutions among large-scale problems is an important area of research. When the alternative solutions are stochastic in nature, then it puts more burden on the problem. The objective of this paper is to select a set that is likely to contain the actual best solutions with high probability. If the selected set contains all the best solutions, then the selection is denoted as correct selection. We are interested in maximizing the probability of this selection; P(CS). In many cases, the available computation budget for simulating the solution set in order to maximize P(CS) is limited. Therefore, instead of distributing these computational efforts equally likely among the alternatives, the optimal computing budget allocation (OCBA) procedure came to put more effort on the solutions that have more impact on the selected set. In this paper, we derive formulas of how to distribute the available budget asymptotically to find the approximation of P(CS). We then present a procedure that uses OCBA with the ordinal optimization (OO) in order to select the set of best solutions. The properties and performance of the proposed procedure are illustrated through a numerical example. Overall results indicate that the procedure is able to select a subset of the best systems with high probability of correct selection using small number of simulation samples under different parameter settings.


asymptotic approximation; optimal computing budget allocation; ordinal optimization; probability of correct selection;


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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
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