Reliability assessment for electrical power generation system based on advanced Markov process combined with blocks diagram

A. A. Tawfiq, M. Osama abed el-Raouf, A. A. El-Gawad, M. A. Farahat


This paper presents the power generation system reliability assessment using an advanced Markov process combined with blocks diagram technique. The effectiveness of the suggested methodology is based on HL-I of IEEE_EPS_24_bus. The proposed method achieved the generation reliability and availability of an electrical power system using the Markov chain which based on the operational transition from state to state which represented in matrix. The proposed methodology has been presented for reliability performance evaluation of IEEE_EPS_24_bus. MATLAB code is developed using Markov chain construction. The transition between probability states is represented using changing the failure and repair rates. The reduced number of generation system are used with Markov process to assess the availability, unavailability, and reliability for the generation system. Additionally, the proposed technique calculates the frequency, time duration of states, the probability of generation capacity state which get out of service or remained in service for each state of failure, and reliability indices. A considerable improvement in reliability indices is found with using blocks diagram technique which is used to reduce the infinity number of transition states and assess the system reliability. The proposed technique succeeded at achieving accurate and faster reliability for the power system.


block diagrams; electrical power system; markov process; probability failure states; reliability assessment;


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