Role of artificial intelligence in cloud computing, IoT and SDN: reliability and scalability issues

Mohammad Riyaz Belgaum, Zainab Alansari, Shahrulniza Musa, Muhammad Mansoor Alam, M. S. Mazliham


Information technology fields are now more dominated by artificial intelligence, as it is playing a key role in terms of providing better services. The inherent strengths of artificial intelligence are driving the companies into a modern, decisive, secure, and insight-driven arena to address the current and future challenges. The key technologies like cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and software-defined networking (SDN) are emerging as future applications and rendering benefits to the society. Integrating artificial intelligence with these innovations with scalability brings beneficiaries to the next level of efficiency. Data generated from the heterogeneous devices are received, exchanged, stored, managed, and analyzed to automate and improve the performance of the overall system and be more reliable. Although these new technologies are not free of their limitations, nevertheless, the synthesis of technologies has been challenged and has put forth many challenges in terms of scalability and reliability. Therefore, this paper discusses the role of artificial intelligence (AI) along with issues and opportunities confronting all communities for incorporating the integration of these technologies in terms of reliability and scalability. This paper puts forward the future directions related to scalability and reliability concerns during the integration of the above-mentioned technologies and enable the researchers to address the current research gaps.


artificial intelligence; cloud computing; IoT; reliability; scalability; software-defined networking;


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