Oversampling technique in student performance classification from engineering course

Nachirat Rachburee, Wattana Punlumjeak


The first year of an engineering student was important to take proper academic planning. All subjects in the first year were essential for an engineering basis. Student performance prediction helped academics improve their performance better. Students checked performance by themselves. If they were aware that their performance are low, then they could make some improvement for their better performance. This research focused on combining the oversampling minority class data with various kinds of classifier models. Oversampling techniques were SMOTE, Borderline-SMOTE, SVMSMOTE, and ADASYN and four classifiers were applied using MLP, gradient boosting, AdaBoost and random forest in this research. The results represented that Borderline-SMOTE gave the best result for minority class prediction with several classifiers.


classification; educational mining; oversampling;

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i4.pp%25p
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